UMNEY – features prestigious schools in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other major cities.


Умней – это удобное и качественное образование для новых возможностей



All our partner school and colleges are state licensed and accredited.
UMNEY is reliable.
In 2012, the Federal Law “On Education in the Russian Federation” approved the use of distance technologies and e-learning in Russia.
All the diplomas obtained via distance learning are no different from traditional diplomas and fully compliant to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation standards, as long as the educational institutions have the required permits to conduct educational activities.

Get UMNEY, choose a high-quality education!

Experienced teachers and IT specialists provide high quality distance learning programs. Thanks to the new knowledge, not only will you develop professionally, but will enjoy a high-demand in the labor market, and new opportunities in life!

Learn with comfort

SMART is a convenient way to get education anytime, anywhere in the world!
All you need is a computer or gadget, and the Internet access. Our specialists are there to promptly
help with any technical or administrative issue.

Get UMNEY and live to the fullest!

Combine work and study easily.
Do not change your life pace – let education come to you!
Plan your study and vacation time in a convenient way.

Learn, using modern technologies

Study, using the latest technology in your virtual Personal Studio.
Attend online classes and get certifications without having to physically attend.

Learning at best value!

UMNEY allows you to avoid having to move to other cities and other associated with it costs
that are inevitable in full-time education. What a great way to minimize your educational costs without sacrificing the quality.

  • Get UMNEY,
    choose a high-quality education!
  • Learn with
  • Get UMNEY
    and live
    to the fullest!
  • Learn, using modern technologies
  • Learning at
    best value!

UMNEY Distance Learning

Online education is based on modern technologies and can be obtained remotely. This means that many of the costs inherent in the traditional education are reduced.
That is why not only is distance learning convenient, but also financially SMART!

  • Education level

    Secondary Vocational Education

    Get the skills useful in various fields. Starting from 18200 RUB per semester

    Starting from
    12 600 ₽
    per semester
  • Education level


    Higher 5-year world-class education.

    Starting from
    21 400 ₽
    per semester
  • Education level

    Master (Post Graduate)

    Advanced higher education for high-level specialists.

    per semester
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